Audio Codes VoIP Phone

September 19, 2023

Audio Codes VoIP Phone
The product
The AudioCodes Microsoft Teams-native C470HD IP phone is a feature-rich, executive high-end business phone for Microsoft Teams.The C470HD is equipped with a large, single surface, full touch interface, incorporating an exceptionally sharp 5.5” color touch screen, with optional support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

AudioCodes IP phones can be offered as part of our Managed IP Phones solution, which defines the IP phone as an IT-managed entity and delivers unique and complete lifecycle management of end-user desktop devices.

C470HD Features
  •  -Native support for Microsoft Teams
  • -Graphical portrait 5.5” color touch screen (1280 x 720) with multi-lingual support
  • -GbE support
  • -USB headset support
  • -Bluetooth 5.0 support
  • Product Highlights 
  • -Superior voice quality
  • -Full duplex speaker phone
  • -Robust security mechanisms
  • -PoE or external power supply
  • -Centralized management supported by AudioCodes Device Manager (available for download free of charge)

Audio Codes