Green Wise-Home grow box

September 12, 2023

Green Wise-Home grow box
Home Grow Box
Green Wise is an all in one stylish grow cabinet designed for the at home gardener who wants to cultivate their own plants without the complications of traditional grow tent gardening. Nothing compares to the feeling of nurturing your own plants from seed to harvest. But there is a lot involved with growing that the average person with a job and a life doesn’t want to deal with. Most of us don’t have several hours a week to devote to filling up water buckets, measuring ph levels and mixing nutrients. So what do you do if being chained to an indoor grow isn’t your thing but having your personal pesticide-free plant is?

The cabinet comes with full spectrum LED grow lights (including UV) for better internodal spacing. Air circulating fans and an exhaust fan with filter for efficient air exchange also come standard. In short, we thought of everything so you don’t have to.

Application Process

Just pot your plat (or seed) in the provided nutrient rich soil medium, fill the 15 liter reservoir and you are ready to get growing. You can check the progress of your grow daily and control more functionality with the downloadable app.
The app is like a personal gardener in your pocket. It gives you constant information about the grow like plant height, temps and reservoir levels. It also notifies you if there are any issues needing your attention.
No mess or smelly nutrients to mix. All waste water is filtered and put back in to the feeding cycle. All you have to do is keep the reservoir full and you’re good to go!






Sheet metal+ Plastic