November 18, 2018

The product

Cellomat offers an automated point-of-sale and service kiosk for cell phones. Available 24/7, Cellomat kiosks can hold several hundred new, replacement, and repaired phones. The kiosks can be placed in malls, train or subway stations, office buildings, and existing service centers.

Cellomat provides a convenient solution both for customers picking up new phones and for those needing their existing phones repaired, helping to improve the customer experience, grow sales, and save money.

For repairs, customers simply enter their information at the kiosk and place their broken phone into the Cellomat. The phone is then photographed and the customer confirms it as theirs. Depending on the type of phone and customer rating, customers may be issued a replacement phone kit with their existing phone number. Replacement phones require the customer’s credit card number to ensure their return.

  • Phone evaluation on the spot
  • Image recognition of photo taken
  • Combined with the mobile app diagnostics
  • Secure delivery via carrier used for both delivery and as a safe
  • 6 granted patents



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