November 6, 2018

The product

The Greenbo rail and deck planter box compression are designed for dimensional lumber and metal railings that are 1” to 4” wide (2×1, and 2×4 railings traditionally) for deck rails, patio railings, and even fences.
With the Greenbo over the rail planter box, you don’t need to worry about stagnant water accumulating. Its no-drip drainage system is made of two removable drainage trays to help drain water and help deliver oxygen to plant roots. and therefore the plant’s root is completely separated from any water-remains
The Greenbo rail planter’s patent-inner rib mechanism acts as an anchor, thus making sure that regardless of the railing shape, the Greenbo rail planter will be fully stable. (No screws, brackets or other hardware necessary)
In addition, the over the railing Greenbo planter box weights over 4 pounds. It’s thickness along with its 10” sink length make it perfectly safe to handle windy environments and high altitude

Each deck and rail planter is made with superior quality. Polyethylene plastic that is BPA-free for contact with edibles.
Thick-wall resin construction offers excellent all-weather durability for lasting value through the seasons and UV protection helps prevent fading.

  • The ONLY planter that fits securely on ALL railing shapes (round, oval, rectangular, etc.) and sizes up to 4” wide
  • Patented design holds planter firmly on the railing
  • Self-mounting – no screws, brackets or other hardware necessary
  • No-drip drainage system recycles water
  • Patented anchoring mechanism for theft protection, Sustainable, durable and 100% weatherproof
  • Polyethylene plastic is BPA-free



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