Silynx – Weapon Grip

November 18, 2018

Silynx – Weapon Grip
The product

C4Grip™ is a software-defined, intelligent soldier systems enabler providing superior operational ergonomics and flexible soldier system integration via wired and wireless interfaces. The C4Grip leverages the core wired and wireless control technologies of the combat-proven C4OPS® tactical software defined hearing protection/hearing enhancement system.

The C4Grip incorporates built-in wireless joysticks/PTT and controls to activate laser aiming devices, personal weapon lights such as the Surefire Scout Light, and tactical radios, thus reducing the switch and cable clutter on the weapon and forward grip.


• Communication and control without ever taking the hand off the weapon
• Wireless control of up to two radios including hear thru and channel/volume remote control
• Wireless control of wearable computers
• Laser aiming devices and personal weapon light controls
• Controls weapon optical sights (optional)
• Smart adaptor for Surefire KM2 LED flashlight head with white and IR output
• Minimizes wire/switch clutter on weapon
• Modular and Customizable Hand Grips
• Laser Engraved Team Insignia
• Built-in Knife (Limited Edition Knife, designed in collaboration with Benchmade)
• Picatinny Rail Attachment

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