Blender industrial design .

Design thinking & concept

At Blender Design we are experts in providing our customers a full range of design directions which will suit the concept of your product.

Building a prototype

At Blender design, we provide a prototype which is an early sample, model or release of the product to test the product and learned from it.


At Blender Design we provide production services in Israel and abroad with close management, inspection on the production process, QA and timeline.

Our product journey

These are the stations of our work on the way to your product. Every stage is complex and is based on a full methodology and years of experience. You will be the leader of the journey and we will provide you with the best experience in our mutual work process.

Blender design studio

We are home for creativity, passion and different but accurate thinking. We assure you satisfaction from the concept, design, and the final product. We bring a unique combination of power, visual vision and the highest standards of quality and service.